Sunday, 25 September 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi to all the readers! (as if I have any other than myself lol)

So lately there is a topic that is frequently being debated by social networks users especially keyboard warriors. It is about niqabis.

So people are saying that some niqabis ni asyik selfielah, asyik post gambar dalam instagram and even there are people saying the niqabis better off without their niqab if they want to show off themselves in the online life.

I don't think we have any right to judge them. I know what they did is not right. The main purpose to wear niqab is to cover themselves from people bukan mahram. So if they keep on posting their pictures online, the purpose is gone. The purpose has no meaning. I'm sure the niqabis who always posts their pictures knew this.

But peopleeeeee, DON'T KEEP ON CODEMNING THEM. I know you people have good meaning behind those 'advises' that you guys posted publicly on facebook, instagram etc. Tapi korang tak rasa ke yang semua nasihat yang korang post public tu maybe akan buat niqabis niqabis ni akan buang niqab diorang? Diorang akan fikir yang buat apa pakai elok elok kalau asyik kena kutuk je. People have different ways in dealing with advises and condemns. Some people might take it positively which is diorang akan slow slow cuba tidak post gambar diorang selfie and any gambar yang boleh expose diorang but others might not; they might just take off their niqab. Any nasihat yang lembut maybe akan diambil dengan baik but nasihat yang kasar lagi banyak dari yang lembut ni. See Uqasha for example, see how mulut orang buat dia buka tudung balik. I know its not cacian orang to be blame hundred percent for her doing. Saya doakan dia panjang umur dan dikurniakan hidayah Allah,

I know niqabis is just not a wear. I know its more than that. Only the tough one could wear them. Tapi kenapa bila kita sebut niqabis je, semua akan fikir yang 'oh, niqabis ni mesti baik, kalau buat salah je mesti kena kutuk'. If thats how you thought of niqabis why shouldn't you think the same about those yang free hair too? Ke korang memang fikir yang perempuan freehair ni suka maksiat? Nooooo. Some freehair do solat 5 waktu, puasa and even sedekah more than you guys yang acah macam tidur pun pakai telekung kopiah peluk alquran.

But at least yang niqabis dah complete satu arahan Allah. Cover aurah perfectly. Don't make them go u turn.

What we wear does not describe our personality. We don't wear label on our clothes (except designer and brand labels lol). Don't aspect all niqabis are good. They have sins too. Don't expect all free hair women are kafir/bad. They might enter jannah more early than you guys yang asyik bagi nasihat terbuka ni. Korang tak tau yang maybe at later time in their life, Allah akan bagi hidayah kat diorang. See miss nina for example, how she changed from a super sexy modern women to role model muslimah that we can see now (She is so inspirational T_T)

I'm not a niqabis. I don't wear niqab so dont say 'ni mesti niqabis ni'. I don't have any niqabis friends. I'm not a guy either so don't say that I enjoy looking at niqabis pictures. Say what you want about me but then think about you guys too. I'm just a muslim that think we must change our mentality. Start from now.


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